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Shelley & Ryan Grady

Armed Citizen Educators was founded in May 2008 by Ryan and Shelley Grady. They are a husband and wife team whom are enthusiastic about serving the public's needs. They advocate the right to bear and keep firearms and encourage their students and customers to exercise their right of the second amendment.

Our Business

A.C.E. differs from others as we are a one stop shop for LTC classes, firearm sales, protection plan for LTC holders and non LTC holders, accessories and much more! A.C.E. does it all! We strive for excellence in presentation, conduct and convenience! We cater to large groups, private sessions (upon availability) and competitive pricing for LTC classes, firearms and accessories. We accommodate to YOUR hectic schedule and lifestyle! Our classes are filled with fascinating facts, tips and most of all FUN! There is always insightful and educational discussions among the students and Ryan. Since June 2008, the number of students requesting our service has grown 100%. We are drastically expanding to multiple areas as the demand is overwhelming! We are excited that A.C.E. can bring you our great service in these expanding areas in West Texas. We enjoy what we do and we hope you can experience some of that superior service we offer!